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Are you an Expat moving to the Netherlands? Contact Kwinkelenberg Moving Company. Kwinkelenberg is an Amsterdam based family company and in business sinds 1926. We are specilialized in moving services for Expats. We will take care of all important issues for our clients. the expat, his of her family and the company.

Our most important goal is to make sure you and your family feel at home as soon as possible in the Netherlands.

An (international) move is quite something. As experienced movers we know what you need and what needs to be done. Making sure the Expat can focus on what is important for him or her, we will focus on all (administrative) issues for you as well.

Kwinkelenberg takes care of it all.

Are you moving to the Netherlands?

In that case, you are often entitled to take your removal goods along without paying taxes on these particular goods. However, some conditions do apply. There is a difference between moving to the Netherlands from an EU country or from a non-EU country. For more details please contact us or check the website of the Dutch Customs (Douane). When you move you might also have to arrange several matters regarding the export of your removal goods in your country of departure. Ask the authorities in the country you are leaving or Kwinkelenberg for details well ahead of your moving date.

Removal goods
Removal goods or personal goods are goods which are destined for personal use by you or your family. These goods mainly include movable goods and items, means of transport for private use, household stocks for normal household use, small pets and mounts, portable instruments for the practice of one’s profession, etc. etc.

Goods which are meant for professional use in your work as a manufacturer, trader or service provider are not considered to be removal goods or personal goods.You probably have to pay taxes on these goods.

Do you wish to import your removal goods tax-free into The Netherlands? Then you do need an ‘Exemption permit for removal goods’. You can apply for this permit by means of the form: application for an exemption permit for removal goods (only available in Dutch) on the Dutch Customs’ website. Kwinkelenberg can tak care of this for you.

If you require any further info; do call us: +31 20 6533136